"Spitting Image" with Heather Ayres and Brittany Matter (2019)

"Vanishing" with Matthew Erman for "Dead Beats" (2019)

"Summer In Brooklyn" with Nadia Shammas (w) and Sergey Nazarov (c) (2019)

"The Spark Divine" with Jordan Alsaqa for "You Died" (2019)

"We Have To Go Back" with Jordan Alsaqa (2018)

"Best Left Forgotten" with Parker D Hicks (2018)

"Love All of the Time" for "Everything Is Going Wrong" (2018)

"Last Song" #2 with Holly Interlandi (2018)

"Last Song" #1 with Holly Interlandi (2017)

"Flower Girls" with Francesca Lyn (2017)

"In The Cold" (2016)

"Mysteries" (2016)